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At Backyard Games, we are committed to bond you and your family/friends/colleagues through the fun way - by playing games (and we’re not talking about online gaming or electronic devices)! We bring you classic games that encourage interaction and bonding!

What’s so unique about our games? Some of them are gigantic! We have the Giant Tumbling Blocks, Giant Pick-up Sticks, Giant Board Games such as Snake & Ladder, Ludo, Get Knotted etc! Great for both adults and kids, indoor and outdoor!

Contact us today for “Bond thru’ Play” Party ideas at your kids’ parties, parties at chalets, community events and other group activities!


Everyone likes to have fun...

Why Backyard Games?

  1. Build family bonds through shared activities 

  2. National Family Celebrations 2010

  1. Going outdoors reduces the development of myopia

  2. Health Promotion Board’s Eye Care Week 2010

  1. Teach your kids valuable skills such as following directions and the importance of teamwork!

  1. Quality products imported from the UK, US, Australia etc.

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“It reminded me of the childhood games we played. My kids enjoyed them so much that they wanted to rent & play again.”

Ms Tng, Mother of two.


Giant Snake & Ladder

Belly Bumpers

Giant Wooden Tumbling Blocks

The Silly Game

Giant Pick Up Sticks

Get Knotted

Giant Word Scramble

Shuffle Putt

Giant Edu-Blocks

Sack Racing