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Name: Backyard Games

Business Reg. No.: 53155571B

Business Address: My Mail Box 883046

                              Singapore 919191




Please feel free to drop us a note using the form below if you wish to:

        i. submit an enquiry (please provide details of your upcoming event using the online form below. We will get in touch with you shortly);

        ii. submit NEW game ideas (we appreciate suggestions of games to be added to our inventory. If you come across any game that is of interest either in store or online, do inform us. Provide us with the name of the game, the brand, where you found it and we will add to our list if it meets our objectives. In appreciation of your recommendation, you will get priority renting);

        iii. submit game reviews of existing games (we appreciate feedback/review of the games you have rented. Tell us what you and your family/friends/colleagues like about the games, what specifically captivated you, the level and duration of engagement etc. We’d love to hear from you);

        iv. submit feedback on our service (we welcome suggestions for improvement to our service).