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Group/Community Game Packages

A/P Aahad M. Osman-Gani from NTU notes that there is “an increasing trend towards more non-traditional training methods”. In a recent survey of 100 companies here, he found games/simulation and outdoor/adventure learning were ranked second and third respectively among the most effective training delivery methods. The first was on-the-job training.

“Games and simulation, adventure/outdoor learning and role play/interaction were rated highly as they were found to be very effective in developing creativity, managerial skills, communication skills and teamwork. These were found to be some of the essential features of human resource development competencies in a knowledge-based economy.”  - The Straits Times, 17 Dec 2002.

Engage us for your Group/Community events!

If you have an upcoming event, feel free to customise your package with us, in just three simple steps!

1. Talk to us!

Give us your event objectives/date/time/venue and preferences in terms of budget and game types, if any!

2. Backyard Games will propose concepts that suit your event objective and budget!

We will also customise our games into various themes for your selection!

3. Take your pick and customise your team-building package! Then, gather your colleagues on that day for an adrenaline pumping team-building through fun! After the event, please give us feedback on how we could improve on our service!


Source : The Straits Times 04 Nov 2000

Contact us today for customised “Bond thru’ Play” Corporate/Community game packages!

Email us at or fill in the enquiry form.

For Community or other group activities

Game scoring could be included for added fun!

Reliving Childhood the Gigantic Way!

  1. Giant Tumbling Blocks, Giant Pick up sticks, Giant Get Knotted, Giant On Target, Giant Chinese Checkers, Giant Ludo, Jumbo Noughts and Crossed, Jumbo A4 Playing Cards, Jumbo Word Scramble

Get to Know One Another!

  1. “Catch” a Chat - Getting Acquainted, Classic Bocce set, Giant Get Knotted, Premium Tug of War, Sack Racing

Get Active!... well, get out of the office!

  1. Giant Tumbling Blocks, Giant Pick up sticks, Giant Cannonball Drop, Get Knotted, “Catch” a Chat - Talk about Me

Pure Networking (maybe among the Management staff)!

  1. Double-sided Magnetic Dart Game, Shuffle Putt by Wilson Golf, Tic-Tac-Toe Toss Game

For Community activities

For big groups of participants, we could provide them with individual games or create a relay for a worthy match!

Go the Gigantic Way!

  1. Giant Tumbling Blocks, Giant Pick up sticks, Giant Get Knotted, Giant On Target, Giant Edu-Blocks, Jumbo Noughts and Crosses, Hopping Mad

A relay!

  1. Co-op a Walk, Sack Racing, Garden Quoits, Giant Pick up Sticks, Hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe Toss Game, “Catch” a Chat - Numbers, Sack Racing

Group participation!

  1. Classic Bocce set, Hopping Mad, Sack Racing, Giant Get Knotted, Premium Tug of War

Aim right! Toss it right!

  1. Garden Quoits, Giant On Target, Horseshoe Game, Tic-Tac-Toe Toss Game, Hopscotch

Source : The Straits Times 03 Nov 2003

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