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Personal Game Packages

Rent for Personal parties, Kid’s parties, Birthday parties (kids, young-at-heart), Other occasions (Christmas, Year-End, New Year) etc. Games come with suitable mats for indoor play.


For Personal Party

Organise a unique Personal Party! You could even make the invitation cards using recyclable materials. Think Backyard, Go Green :)

Suggested Themes:

Go Outdoors!

  1. Premium plastic tumbling blocks, Giant Snake and Ladder, Giant Pick up sticks, Hopping Mad, Giant Cannonball Drop, Belly Bumpers, Giant On Target

Get Active!

  1. Co-op a walk, Hopping Mad, Sack Racing, “Catch” a Chat - Movement, Giant Get Knotted, Giant Ludo, Premium Tug of War

Get Creative!

  1. Giant Edu-Blocks, Jumbo Word Scramble, Giant Pick up sticks, “Catch” a Chat - Letters, The Silly Game


  1. Co-op a Walk, 3-person sack racing, Group Loop, Premium Tug of War, “Catch” a Chat - Numbers, Giant Get Knotted

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Source : The Straits Times 05 Feb 2003

Source : The Straits Times 05 Feb 2003

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